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Wichita's software developer community

devICT is a volunteer-run community aiming to educate, empower and connect software developers and technologists in the Wichita, KS area.

Whether you are new to the field, or an experienced engineer, devICT offers multiple avenues for you to engage, contribute, and grow your skillset as a technologist.

Join the fun, reap the rewards

There's a lot to gain from contributing, and many ways to do it.

Why contribute?

Build Skills

Working on real-world projects exposes you to new technologies and best practices.

Build Portfolio

Your contributions get recorded on GitHub, providing tangible proof of your skills.

Build Network

Interacting with the community offers immense learning opportunities and widens your professional network.

Build Community

By contributing, you help grow the local tech scene and create a richer environment for everyone involved.

How to contribute?

Join the Conversation

Join us in Slack and jump into the conversation! Share what you're working on, asking questions, and help others.

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Contribute to a Project

Browse our active projects, find an issue that interests you, and jump right in! Plenty of ways to contribute with or without coding.

Get Coding

Give a Talk or Workshop

Share your knowledge and experience in a lightning talk or more comprehensive sessions.

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Support Financially

Donations help us keep the lights on and fund community events. Every bit counts!



In addition to our community members, we are supported by these great organizations.

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